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UAN Storage Regulations

As the spring fertilizer and planting season remains on hold for much of the state, we've received questions at IFCA about the storage of UAN in light of growers pondering whether to switch from NH3 to UAN this spring.  Here is a summary of the rules for UAN storage in Illinois, as per the Illinois Department of Agriculture regulations:  
1.  At agrichemical facilities, UAN storage is required be within containment and your containment permit updated to include any tanks added to existing or new containment.  This applies to stationary UAN tanks.  Mobile storage tanks can be parked at an agrichemical facility and are not required to be in containment.  
2.  UAN storage on the farm is permitted in stationary storage tanks without containment, but only for 45 days of storage and the farmer must own the product.  Over 45 days, containment is required and the site must be permitted with the IDA.  Mobile storage containers are not subject to containment or the 45 day limitation.  
The IDA also has standards for liquid nitrogen storage tanks.  To see the regulations click here.  One element of the rules is that storage containers, which also includes mobile containers, along with appurtenances such as shutoff valves, fittings, tubing and hoses shall be made of material suitable for use with nitrogen fertilizer solutions and designed for the maximum pressure to which they may be subjected.  Systems mounted on vehicles and implements of husbandry for the transportation of nitrogen solutions require:
►        The container shall be anchored.
►        Both ends of the hose shall be secured in transit.
►        All trailers shall have suitable safety chains.
►        All nitrogen fertilizer system vehicles shall carry at least 5 gallons of clean water.
If you have questions about these rules, please contact John Rebholz: or 309.827.2774.