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Illinois Dept of Ag Announces Special Local Needs Dicamba Labels

Today, the Illinois Department of Agriculture announced a 24c Special Local Need (SLN) label for the three dicamba products labeled for soybean:  Engenia, FeXapan and Xtendimax.  Each label now spells out additional requirements for application in Illinois, as follows: 
1. The implementation of a cutoff date of June 30, 2019, for application to DT soybeans.
2. Prohibiting application when the wind is blowing toward adjacent residential areas.
3. Required consultation of the FieldWatch sensitive crop registry before application, as well as compliance with all associated record keeping label requirements.
4. Maintaining the label-specified downwind buffer between the last treated row and the nearest downfield edge of any Illinois Nature Preserves Commission site.
5. Recommendation to apply product when the wind is blowing away from sensitive areas, which include but are not limited to bodies of water and non-residential, uncultivated areas that may harbor sensitive plant species.
IFCA supports these label changes are we were part of the meetings and discussions with the IDA, farm groups and registrants to help develop the 24c label language.  It is imperative that the number of misuse complaints are reduced in Illinois, and also vital that all applicators understand the requirements to protect both sensitive crops AND sensitive areas.  By being proactive to help assure judicious use of these herbicides, we are also demonstrating that we recognize the concerns of the specialty crop industry, sensitive soybean growers, and the non-ag community; we knew it was vital to address their concerns.  The industry consensus for the new labels is illustrated in the press release that accompanied the IDA's announcement today, click here to see the release.  In addition to supportive quotes from the IDA and the ag organizations, the environmental community also provided a supportive statement.  
The revised labels are available by clicking on each product name:  Engenia, FeXapan, Xtendimax.  The Illinois Department of Ag plans to send an official letter to each Illinois pesticide dealer, and to all licensed commercial and private applicators, notifying them of these new label changes. 
Violating these new provisions of use in Illinois may be considered a "Knowing" violation of the label, resulting in substantial monetary penalties or potential revocation of the applicator's license, so please take this new label seriously.  
IFCA will provide more guidance to our members, and address questions, in a poster/flyer format that you can display or distribute to your customers.  If you have already been through dicamba training, you do NOT need to attend again since the letter that all applicators will receive from IDA about the new label requirements will serve as your notice.  
If you have questions, please contact IFCA.  Thank you for understanding the proactive reasons why our industry in Illinois supports these label changes and please help us communicate the changes to your farmer customers.