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Illinois River Closure in 2020 Will Impact Grain & Fertilizer

The bad news is that many locks and dams in Illinois are in need of serious repair.  The good news is that there is a plan to get this done, finally!  The bad news is that in order to truly repair the locks, the US Army Corps of Engineers is going to have to shut down the Illinois River From July 1 through October 30, 2020 2020 in order to complete significant repairs to many of the locks.  During that time period there will be a full closure of the locks at LaGrange, Starved Rock, Peoria and Marseilles.  The ultimate good news is that when the repairs are complete, everyone will reap the benefits of an improved river transportation system in Illinois.  
To see an overview of the work to be done, click here for an information piece from the Army Corps.  The Corps wants to get the word out so that the industries that rely on the river system can adjust accordingly, knowing that this will be a major logistical challenge.  They selected July through October to cause the least disruption possible for the industries that utilize the river, including the ag industry.