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UI Offers Guidance on Fall Fertilizer Applications Including Fall N

Today, Dr. Emerson Nafziger posted a new Bulletin titled "Notes on Fall Fertilization."  This written article follows up on the information Dr. Nafziger presented in a webinar on October 19, which focused on results from 2018 N rate trials and guidance on starting fall ammonia applications.  The UI Bulletin can be viewed at or downloaded from the IFCA homepage at  On our homepage we have a link to the recorded webinar and we also post daily soil temps.  Soon we will have all the N rate trial response curves from the 2018 sites added to the "Keep it 4R Crop" menu on the IFCA website.  
IFCA appreciates the support from NREC which has made the research possible to ensure that N, P & K recommendations in Illinois are based on current, on-farm results from throughout the state.  We truly appreciate the dedication of Dr. Nafziger who provides the protocols, analysis and explanation of the research findings.  Theses updates strengthen the land grant university recommendations that NRCS and USEPA also use as the basis for nutrient management plans and nutrient loss reduction strategies.