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IFCA & ARA addressing Lights on Ammonia Trailers

The Illinois Vehicle Code does not require either lights or brakes on agricultural implements of husbandry trailers including ammonia nurse wagons.  However, a recent change in federal law requires manufacturers of ag trailers to include lights on any trailer manufactured after June 2017.  We are already seeing retailers have many issues with lights on new nurse tank trailers with obvious maintenance issues that occur when these trailers are used in the field of application, and with the inability to hook the light terminals up to older toolbars or when nurse tanks are pulled in combinations.  
IFCA has been working with the Ag Retailers Association and the American Society of Ag & Biological Engineers (ASABE) to seek more flexibility on this standard especially given the reality of how nurse tanks are utilized.  In Illinois, an amber flashing light is already required when tanks are transported in low light conditions.  Yesterday Jean Payne and John Rebholz made a presentation at the annual meeting of the ASABE in Detroit to explain the issue and propose alternatives to the new requirement.  After our presentation ASABE established a small working group to meet with IFCA and ARA to come up with a resolution.  We will keep you informed and thank our members who allowed us to capture photos of light kit problems and other nurse tank issues so that we could better inform ASABE of our concerns.  We will keep you posted.