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IFCA Spring Keep it 4R Crop Report & 2017 N Rate Trials

IFCA works in partnership NREC, the universities and with local partners on water quality programs.  This year we are assisting NREC with five projects, all of which are research oriented and look to determine the most effective and economically viable methods to reduce nutrient losses to water, through 4R practices and with cover crops.  To see the Spring 2018 4R update from IFCA click here.  We share these reports with all nutrient stakeholders.  So far this spring, water quality in the major lakes including Springfield, Decatur, Vermilion and Bloomington has been very good, but April-June are typically the months when we have the potential for nitrate losses to water.  Please reinforce the 4Rs regarding nitrogen rates and stabilization of nitrogen to ensure this valuable nutrient remains available to the crop and not lost to the environment.  
You can also see the yield response curves from all the Nitrogen Rate Trials that IFCA helped implement in 2017.  Go to our "Keep it 4R Crop" menu at and click on "N Rate Trials" or click here to see the results from 2017.  The yield responses to various nitrogen rates are pretty interesting in fall, spring and fall/spring splits.  Check it out.