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Electronic Data Logs

We've gotten some questions from our members about the new Electronic Data Logging (EDL) regulation for CDL drivers.  
The good news is that over the years, IFCA worked very hard to secure a full exemption from all of the Hours of Service regulations for the transport of ag inputs to and from all distribution points.  We worked with the Illinois legislature, our US congressional delegation, IDOT, the Illinois State Police and other organizations to accomplish this.  So, if you are transporting ammonia, fertilizers, seed, ag chemicals or feed, all of which are agricultural inputs, and you pick up and deliver these products within a 150 air mile radius to any distribution point, you have a year-round exemption from having to keep track of your driving time, hours, etc. and you are exempt from the EDL regulations.  In Illinois, the HOS exemption is year-round.  The Ag HOS exemption is both a state and federal exemption so when crossing state lines you can still enjoy the 150 air mile allowance.  The state and federal HOS exemption rules are posted on the IFCA website here.  
Click here for an explanation of how the Ag Hours of Service exemption affects the EDL (basically this explains how the EDL does not apply if you are using the Ag HOS).  But keep in mind that if you go outside the 150 air mile exemption when transporting ag inputs, the moment you hit 151 air miles you must being to comply with the EDL.  For a fact sheet on the EDL rule and how it affects other methods of transportation aside from the Ag HOS, click here.