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Dicamba Training in Illinois - Coming Soon

The new labels for Engenia, XtendiMax and FeXapan have been accepted for use in Illinois with no additional restrictions.  The major changes regarding use of these products on soybeans are:
1.  The products are Restricted Use Pesticides
2.  The application parameters are different including wind speed restrictions and do not spray restrictions
3.  A record of application, including 20 items, must be kept on all applications
4.  All applicators of the product must receive dicamba specific training
IFCA has been working with the IL Dept of Ag and our fellow ag groups to organize dicamba training opportunities for private and commercial applicators and operators.  We are going to piggy back on many of the already scheduled private and commercial applicator training and testing clinics, and we will also offer training classes at the IL CCA and IFCA convention, and at the UI Crop Management Conferences.  Ag retailers can also host meetings, just contact IFCA with a date and location and we can help arrange a qualified instructor for you, or you can contact your BASF or MON sales representative and make the request directly to them.  
Each state is taking a different approach to the dicamba training.  Here in Illinois, IDA is working with us approve the training materials that have been developed by the registrants (Monsanto and BASF) and the instructors will also need to be working under the umbrella of Monsanto or BASF.  No matter which dicamba product you use, the training offered by either MON or BASF will fulfill the training requirement.  The registrants will provide a proof of training document at the completion of the course.  We expect the training to take from 60-90 minutes; at this point, all training is classroom training.    
Next week there will be an "Illinois Dicamba Training" website that will list the training opportunities and take on-line registration, as well as provide resources and address frequently asked questions.  There will be no charge to attend the training classes.  As a retailer, if you want to host a training event and make it open to other farmers or applicators, we can add your venue to the list of classes on the website; otherwise if you prefer to host a closed session for your own employees or farmer customers, that is fine too, just let IFCA know if we can assist.  Please contact IFCA with any questions, we will let you know as soon as the dicamba training website goes live.