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New Dicamba Labels & Training Opportunities

The new labels for Engenia, XtendiMax and FeXapan require that certified applicators (both private and commercial) and certified operators must receive dicamba use training before they apply the product, and are required to keep a record of that training with every application record.
IFCA met last week with the IL Dept of Agriculture and with our fellow ag groups to discuss the best way to offer this required training to the10,000 private applicators, 2,000 commercial applicators and 5,000-6,000 licensed commercial operators in Illinois.  USEPA has given the States flexibility in how to accomplish this and each State may take a different approach.  In Illinois, we have been in communication with Monsanto, BASF, DuPont and IDA; training materials developed by the companies will be ready in November or early December, and at that point we plan to proceed with an approach to rely upon these materials to offer face to face training to as many people as possible working with qualified trainers.  There were many lessons learned in 2017, and face to face training may provide the best method to explain the  new label requirements, weed management, and other considerations.  These labels expire in December 2018; therefore it is vital that these products remain on target next year in order for them to be in the marketplace beyond 2018.  
IFCA will offer dicamba training on January 16 and 18 at our convention in Peoria.  In addition, our members can help in this effort by considering hosting a meeting at your ag retail locations this winter for both your own applicators and operators, and for your farmer customers who may also apply the product. IFCA will assist by providing an on-line site to list training locations and take registration; and coordinate with the registrants to secure an ample number of qualified trainers to provide the training at your locations.  Those who attend training will receive proof of the training.  There may also be on-line opportunities to receive the training.  
We will keep you posted as we move forward to implement this training program.  In the meantime, please discuss the possibility of hosting meetings at your locations to enable us to reach as many of our members, and your farmer customers, as possible. When we are ready to launch the training program we will need your assistance!  If you have questions please call IFCA at (309) 827-2774.  Stay tuned.