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IFCA Regulatory Alert: USEPA Announces Dicamba Label Changes; IFCA Dicamba BMPs

Today, October 13, USEPA announced and issued new labels for the three approved over the top dicamba herbicide formulations for soybeans:  Engenia, XtendiMax and FeXapan.  Click here to see the USEPA news release.  
The new label requirements are extensive and seek to address the issues determined in 2017 that led to symptomology in sensitive soybeans and other sensitive crops.  The changes include:
1.  Classifying these three products as Restricted Use Pesticides; in addition the certified private and commercial applicators and operators must complete specific training on these product labels prior to performing an in-crop application. 
2.  Specific recordkeeping requirements for the following items:  name of applicator; applicator certification #; product name; USEPA registration number; total amount applied; application month, day and year; location of the application; crop or site receiveing the application; proof of training; time of the application; receipts of the product purchase; a copy of the product label; documentation of the date that the applicator checked a sensitive crop registry or surveyed the neighboring fields; documentation of spray system cleanout; a list of the tank mix products used; the start and finish times of the application; the nozzle selection; the air temperature at the boom height (at start and finish); and wind speed and direction.  
3.  Applications are limited when maximum wind speeds are from 3 - 10 mph.
4.  Applications can only occur from sunrise to sunset; avoid when inversions exist at the field level.
5.  Must follow cleanout instructions to prevent cross contamination.
6.  Emphasis on recordkeeping relative to the location of sensitive crops.
IFCA will be working with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and with other agricultural organizations to assist the industry with compliance with these new requirements ahead of the 2018 crop season. 
In addition to the label requirements, IFCA has prepared a Dicamba Best Management Practices document that lists additional considerations to help improve the successful use of dicamba on soybeans.  These BMPs are the result of feedback from IFCA members who participated in the IFCA dicamba management survey.  IFCA shared this BMP document with the product manufacturers and they are supportive of these BMPs.  We thank Dr. Aaron Hager at the University of Illinois for his assistance in helping develop this IFCA Dicamba BMP document.  The Dicamba BMPs are available by clicking here.  A copy of the new Engenia label is available here; it has also been changed to be consistent with the downwind "do not spray" requirement that was on the Xtendimax and FeXapan labels last year.  

Finally, there are a few openings in the Asmark Institute Applicator Training Program scheduled for the weeks of November 7th and November 14th.  Go to to register.  This is one of the last opportunities in 2017 to receive specialized applicator training, especially for new operators.  

If you have questions about dicamba management, please contact IFCA.  We will develop training opportunities to meet the new requirements of this label.  Also, the upcoming IFCA convention will feature sessions presented by industry experts to improve dicamaba use in 2018.  Illinois was one of the states with a higher than acceptable number of dicamba issues and we are dedicated to improving the management of this product for our members, for our farmer customers, for co-existence with other growers and for the citizens who expect a high level of pesticide stewardship in Illinois.