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Tier 2 Hazard Category Updates

The 2017 Tier 2 Chemical Inventory Reports will be due to IEMA, your LEPC and local fire departments by March 1, 2018.  This year there is a major change in this process.  The hazard categories for chemicals has been expanded.  There used to be 5 major hazard categories, and how there are 24.  This change was made to align the USEPA Right to Know laws with the OSHA Global Harmonization System.  Click here for a comparison of the old vs new hazard categories.  
Even though you may not yet know your chemical inventories for 2017, you can get a head start on updating your hazard categories, and save yourself some time when the final reports are due.  You will need a current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on each of your reportable chemicals in order to determine the new hazard categories for the product.  If you are an Asmark Institute Client, the Tier 2 reports that Asmark archives for you will automatically update with the new hazard categories when you go to complete your reports.  However, for others you will need to do this manually.  
IEMA is encouraging Illinois companies to start updating their product hazard categories now.  They expect that the Tier 2 Manager may get overwhelmed if a lot of people wait until the last minute.  You can log into the Tier 2 Manager at any time and begin updating your reports.  Go to  Click here for a step by step instruction guide on how to update your hazard categories once you get into the system.