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4R Field Day Video

This week IFCA hosted a 4R Field Day in Hammond, IL.  At this tool shed event, researchers presented the most recent and relevant findings from numerous on-farm NREC funded projects on N P K management, as well as discussions on the role of cover crops and drainage in an overall management approach to reduce nutrient losses in tile drained fields.  Our ag retail members made up the majority of the 80 people in attendance and were joined by farmers, agency personnel and other industry professionals.  To see a short video that highlights the 4R Field Day, click here.  
The Bureau Chief of Water at IEPA also attended the 4R Field Day and was extremely complimentary of all the work underway in the ag sector.  IFCA will be pursuing a system with our members to capture the number of acres that are being managed in accordance with our 4R Code of Practice, and this endeavor is something extremely important not just to IFCA but to the long term success of the IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.  We are making progress on reducing nutrient losses, and so long as we continue to demonstrate that, and to prove it with metrics, the future looks very promising for long term, positive collaboration with all nutrient stakeholders.  In short, we chart our nutrient future without regulation, litigation or legislation.  Thanks everyone for contining to implement the 4R Code of Practice in Illinois.