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The Latest Nitrogen Update

The promise of NREC is being realized in Illinois, with on-going evaluation of testing of soil nitrate levels and crop development providing frequent updates on the status of nitrogen and recommendations on management of N to assure both profitability and environmental responsibility.  
The latest nitrogen update from the University of Illinois was published on June 11 and is posted on the IFCA website, click here.  It is entitled "The Crop Corn and Sidedress Nitrogen" and in the bulletin, Dr. Nafziger provides timely information and considerations for management of nitrogen at this point in the growing season.  
These bulletins are important not only to our industry but to our fellow stakeholders (water quality suppliers, environmental groups) who are strongly supporting us behind the scenes on our research and outreach efforts.  Despite what some may believe, they want us to succeed in our goals of reducing nutrient losses WITHOUT regulation or litigation.  Keep us the good work and thanks to our IFCA members who are participating in N Rate Trials, N-WATCH and the stewardship mission of the IFCA Keep it 4R Crop Program.