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Clarification on Tier 2 Updates

This week, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency sent out an email to companies who file annual Tier 2 chemical inventory reports.  The reason for the email is to let everyone know that the hazard categories for the chemicals you report have been expanded to comply with new USEPA requirements, and it will take a while to enter the new hazard categories when you do your Tier 2 report for your 2017 inventories.  That report must be filed by March 1, 2018.  The Illinois Tier 2 system is updated and includes all the new hazard classifications; IEMA is letting you know that you are able to log into the program and begin updating your hazard categories as you have time, but this is a recommendation, not a requirement.  You will need to use a current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the chemicals you report to find the new hazard categories for each chemical.  
Bear in mind that the only compliance date you have to remember is March 1, 2018.  That is when the Tier 2 annual report for chemicals you stored in 2017 is due and must be submitted to IEMA, to your LEPC and to your local fire departments.  You should also upload current SDS sheets for the chemicals you report to IEMA using the Tier 2 manager on-line system.  If you are an Asmark Institute client, when you receive your annual compliance instructions later this fall, the Asmark system will have automatically updated the hazard categories for the chemicals you reported last year.  If you are not a Asmark client, you will need to enter the new hazard categories yourself relying on an updated SDS for that information.  If you have questions please call IFCA.