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Good News on Soil Nitrate Levels

Thanks to NREC funded research, we know what is going on in the soil with nitrogen, and today's Bulletin from the University of Illinois is good news for both agriculture and the environment.  The report entitled "Positive Signs for Nitrogen" is available here.  What Dr. Nafziger @ UI is seeing in his research sites also mirrors what we are seeing in the NREC funded N-WATCH sites being utilized by our IFCA members.  Please discuss this latest news with your customers before adding "extra" nitrogen to the system.  Ag retailers and CCAs are key to disseminating this information to the farming community and demonstrating responsible 4R stewardship.  
This week IFCA also shared our Spring 4R Bulletin with other nutrient stakeholders and we reported on the levels of nitrate in the drinking water supplies including Lakes Springfield, Decatur, Vermilion and Bloomington.  The water supplies need a break and with nitrogen stewardship, we can give that to them.  Click here to see the IFCA Spring Keep it 4R Crop report, which features bulletins, N rate trial results and other 4R info under the "Keep it 4R Crop" menu at