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NREC: Nearly 5 Years of Successful Collaboration!

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Counsel (NREC) is approaching its 5 year anniversary.  Can you believe it? Since 2012, NREC has identified and funded critical nutrient research and outreach programs to keep Illinois in the lead in addressing nutrient and water quality challenges.  Illinois is #1 in contributions of nitrogen and phosphorus losses to the Gulf of Mexico; agriculture is responsible for the majority of nitrogen losses, while point sources are the primary phosphorus contributor.  Unfortunately, Illinois is also the only state without a budget for the past several years, with very few resources being allocated to water quality programs compared to what other states are investing.  For Illinois agriculture, we've had to do it on our own with NREC, and thank goodness we did.  
NREC is the only program of its kind to officially create a collaborative Council of people from agriculture, environmental groups, our Land Grant University, the Illinois EPA and the IL Dept of Ag.  All projects considered by the NREC Council are a result of input from each of these groups, and collectively, everyone who has a stake in nutrients and the environment has a say in the process.  This unique quality of NREC has helped Illinois positively address nutrient and water quality challenges without the shadow of litigation, legislation or regulation hovering over us--we work together instead of fighting one another.  IFCA thanks our members for supporting NREC and applying the practices and knowledge gained from NREC projects into your nutrient recommendations and programs.   
NREC has released its Spring 2017 newsletter, you can access it here.  More information about NREC is also available at or by contacting NREC Executive Director Julie Armstrong at