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Des Moines Waterworks Will Not Appeal Ruling

The Des Moines Waterworks board voted last week to NOT appeal the federal ruling that dismissed their nutrient lawsuit against three drainage districts in Iowa for nitrate pollution.  The federal court determined that the Iowa Legislature, not the federal court, is the better place to resolve the issue based on current Iowa law.  
Bill Stowe, the CEO of the Waterworks, said "This lawsuit was an attempt to protect our ratepayers, whose public health and quality of life continue to be impacted by unregulated industrial agriculture" and added "we hope that our legislators can create bold laws that address water pollution."  
Closer to home, IFCA is happy to report that Lake Springfield (the drinking water supply for our state capitol) now has its own Maximum Return to Nitrogen (MRTN) rate recommendation for the watershed.  For corn following soybeans, the nitrogen rate recommendation dropped slightly.  This proactive effort in the Lake Springfield watershed was the result of retailers and farmers working together on nitrogen rate trials and also participating in N-WATCH soil sampling to better manage nitrogen in the watershed.  Click here to see the flyer IFCA developed for the Sangamon County SWCD to mail to all landowners and farmers in the Lake Springfield watershed about the new MRTN.  
IFCA's work continues in Lake Springfield, where our goal is to continue this partnership with the water utility (City, Water, Light and Power) to keep nitrate levels below 5 ppm.  CWLP does not have the ability to remove nitrate from the water if levels exceed 10 ppm.  If they ever do, CWLP must distribute bottled water to sensitive populations in the City of Springfield.