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Illinois MRTN Site is Updated with New Map & Data

A significant part of the IFCA Keep it 4R Crop Program is our work with retailers, farmers and the University of Illinois to conduct nitrogen rate trials and ensure the Illinois nitrogen recommendation system (MRTN) is current.  The first activity listed in the IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy to reduce nitrogen losses is to ensure that farmers are using the MRTN to determine their nitrogen rate.
This week, the Illinois MRTN was updated with data from 2016 N rate trials, and a new Illinois map is featured on the site.  The map also delineates the Lake Springfield Watershed (LSW), where we were able to develop a MRTN specific to this watershed based on N rate trials on-going in that watershed since 2013.  Nitrate levels are a concern in Lake Springfield and this MRTN for the watershed demonstrates our commitment to proactively addressing these water quality concerns.    
Please click on to see the new Illinois MRTN map and then you can go into the North, Central, LSW or South region of the state and use the site to determine the MRTN for these regions.  In 2017 IFCA is continuing the N rate trials so that we can assure Illinois farmers that our Illinois Land Grant University recommendations are providing the optimum return on their nitrogen investment.  You can also see N rate trial yield response curves on the IFCA website; click on Keep it 4R Crop Tools.  If you have a farmer customer who is interested in working with us to conduct a N rate trials, please contact Dan Schaefer, IFCA's Director of Nutrient Stewardship, at 217.202.5173.  
This on-farm research is funded by the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council.