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Check for Compliance on Pesticide Dealer, Applicator and Operator Licenses

It's now officially spring.  Before pesticide sales and application season is upon us, now is a good time to ensure that your business has the correct licenses to sell and apply pesticides.  Persons who purchase restricted use pesticides must also have a current license to buy these products.  Let's review the Illinois Department of Agriculture rules:   
1.  If you sell packaged agricultural pesticides your facility must be a Pesticide Dealer.  This includes both restricted use pesticides and all other pesticides labeled for agricultural use.  You can take the dealer exam to obtain this license, or if you already have a licensed commercial applicator at that facility, they need only check the box on their applicator license renewal to also register as a Pesticide Dealer.  

2.  Check to be sure your licenses are current ahead of making any sale or applying any product.  This goes for both licensed applicators and licensed operators.  

3.  When you sell restricted use pesticides, the person buying them must also have a current applicator license.  

4.  You must keep records of the sale of restricted use pesticides for two years and also keep a record of commercial application for two years.  This is state and federal law.  Click here for a guide on what needs to be on the record of application.  

You can check the status of your Illinois Pesticide Dealer, Commercial Applicator, Operator and Private Applicator licenses on the Illinois Dept of Agriculture website.  Click here for the IDA website where you check for applicator, operators and pesticide dealers by last name and other searchable features.  

IDA inspectors do check for compliance and the fines for not being properly licensed or selling RUP products to non-licensed persons can be substantial.  Please call IFCA if you have questions about these regulations.