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Will Trump Cut the Red Tape?

Of the many polarizations of the United States today, the battle over regulation is particularly fierce and many years in the making. Over the past decades, since at least the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the right and the Republican Party have come to view regulation as the premier sign of government overreach, stifling freedoms and hobbling economic growth. The left and the Democrats for the most part see regulation as the vital bulwark protecting the mass of Americans from corporate and government abuse.


So it should hardly be a surprise that the White House’s recent moves to revisit the regulatory state have evoked high levels of emotion. However predictable, let’s try not to lump these moves into the same toxic stew that has enveloped so much of Trumplandia. There is a real, genuine and constructive debate that could be had over regulation—what is enough, what is too much and what is smart. In today’s hyper, near-hysterical political climate, that may well be asking too much, but that makes the call for it all the more vital.


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