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Send in Your Comments on WOTUS Rule

You've been reading and hearing a lot about the USEPA's proposed "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS) proposed rulemaking.  USEPA and agriculture disagree quite dramatically on the implications that this proposed rule will have on agricultural production in the US.  Many in ag believe it will expand federal regulations to activities such as nutrient or crop protection applications near any bodies of water--it's how those bodies of waters are classified that is very unclear.  In reading the rule many believe ditches and waterways could be considered a "water of the US".   USEPA is taking comments on the proposed rule until October 20, 2014.  IFCA has posted a one-page summary of the rule and instructions for submitting comments on our website.  Click here to go to the IFCA homepage for a one page explanation and instructions on how to submit your comments in opposition to this proposed rule.  US agriculture needs to generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of comments, to ensure that our government knows just how concerned we are about this proposed rule.  If you have questions about WOTUS, please contact KJ Johnson at the IFCA office.