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Glyphosate Watchers Are Polar Opposites

In life, most things/trends tend to appear in shades of gray, with equal parts black/bad and white/good in evidence. There are a few topics, however, that always seem to divide observers into black or white camps, with no gray anywhere to be seen. Examples of this would include such hot-button topics as religion, abortion, and, more recently, impeachment.
For those in agriculture, it’s pretty clear that the topic of glyphosate can be added to this list. Those for or against the popular herbicide are definitely polar opposites.
For proof of this fact, let’s go back in time a bit. The ag industry in 2019 was busy following a pair of lawsuits in California involving glyphosate. In both cases, plaintiffs sued glyphosate owner Bayer because they claimed using the herbicide gave them cancer. Juries in the state agreed and awarded multi-million-dollar damage amounts (which were later reduced but still remained high).
Naturally, Bayer took the first of these cases to the court of appeals, arguing that it would have been impossible for the company to comply with the first glyphosate verdict because any warning label would conflict with “guidance from a federal agency.”
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