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Fall N Guidelines

Today, Dr. Nafziger at the University of Illinois published a Bulletin providing guidance on the fall application of anhydrous ammonia.  Click here to read the bulletin.  IFCA will continue to post the 4 inch bare soil temperatures at noon on the homepage of our website at
We would like to thank our members who have patiently waited until soil temperatures fell to the appropriate levels.  Last year over 90% of all fall applied ammonia was applied when conditions were appropriate and it is our goal to increase that % of voluntary adoption each year.  That is the commitment we made to all of nutrient stakeholders who make up the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy policy committee.  
Please also review with your employees and customers the proper safety procedures for handling ammonia, and also what to do if there is an accidental release.  Immediate 911 phone calls are essential as is follow-up reporting if there is an accident where over 18 gallons or 100 lbs of ammonia is released, if anyone is injured, or if traffic or public safety is an issue.  Never hesitate to call IFCA if you need assistance with an emergency.  Click here to download the procedures in Illinois for reporting a release.